Principal Update

February 6, 2014

Thanks to Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Grant!

Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Grant (with her students) presented the benefits of creating and implementing a flex or open schedule at the elementary school level to the district elementary admin team. Mrs. Patrick highlighted the intensive planning and work that she has completed in her first year and a half while highlighting the outstanding collaborative co-teaching/planning/collaborating that the schedule provides. Mrs. Grant offered up a first hand look at our kindergarten students' writers workshop and the powerful impact the collaboration between Grant and Patrick has provided the students. I appreciate both Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Patrick for representing all of BSE in an intensive and accurate manner!

February 7th - Half Day PD Agenda

HSE21 and CC team presenting our last half day PD for 2013-2014

LUNCH ON YOUR OWN! Please be back on maybe not Ruth's Chris for lunch:)

1-1:30 PM - Celebrations, community circle - Young/Murch/Patrick

1:30-2:15PM - Problem solving activity, modeled after TCE - Young/Murch/Patrick

2:15-2:30 - Old technology challenges ppt + table talk, see pdf attached from HSE21 training

2:30-2:45 – BREAK

2:45-3:15 – Cultural Competency - Siwik and Schweoppe

3:15-3:45 - iPad app share, same format as 9/13 - All Staff

February 12th, 2014 – Staff Meeting – 7:55AM - LGI

Dr. Loane – The Writing Workshop and continues into prep all day.

March 19th, 2014 - Staff Meeting – 7:55AM - LGI

Dr. Smith - Budget Update and Plan

April 16th, 2014 – Staff Meeting - 7:55AM - LGI

PBIS leveled voices and expectations for 2014-2015


Interesting Fact...NWEA

As of last Tuesday, considering only the students who had completed the NWEA assessment, BSE was one of two schools in HSE, with both the highest growth percentages in math and language arts. Obviously the complete group is not yet assessed, but for those who have been overly anxious about the numbers, that is a pretty positive statistical item to note.

We will dig deeply into our data when we complete the assessment and those teams who have finished have already begun. Our goal, as always, is to respond to the "now" and take clear and purposeful action to ensure we keep making the gains for all students! Keep up the intensity, reflect always, and commit to "making their day!"

Thank you for offering your time to tutor the students of BSE!








Remediation: Invitations were sent to families via Skylert on Tuesday. Julie is currently collecting RSVPs and will send a list of participants to staff tomorrow. Tutoring begins next week.

Team Leaders...due Feb. 28th

· Student Planners for Grades 2, 3 and 4. Let me know if you want to do the same or if you would like to see some different things…I am TOTALLY fine with whatever…just need to know.

· Supply Lists for Grades K - 4. For 2014-2015 we will need to have one/the same list for REACH and GEN ED for each grade level. I was looking over the lists and they really are not that many differences so I am hoping this won’t be a huge pain. I have attached both lists from last year. The reasoning behind this is

§ 1: parents of both Gen Ed and Reach can all purchase the PTO supply kit and no one has to wait.

§ 2: the district has asked us to really streamline and make lists simple and cost effective. As the lists are compiled I will let you know on prices on how we are doing. Goal is $30-$40 range for the kits/lists.

· Classroom News Magazines for each grade level. I am fine if you want to do the same, just let me know. REACH teachers I am assuming you will flesh this out at district meetings as that is how it happened last year.

§ Here is what you guys currently have for this year

o Grade Kg – National Geographic

o Grade 1 – Scholastic News

o Grade 1 REACH – Scholastic News & National Geographic

o Grade 2 – Scholastic News

o Grade 2 REACH – Time for Kids & National Geographic

o Grade 3 – Time for Kids

o Grade 3 REACH – Time for Kids & National Geographic

o Grade 4 – Scholastic News

o Grade 4 REACH –Scholastic News & National Geographic

· Supplement Materials – last year the district allotted extra monies from the book rental for supplemental items (addl news magazines, Keep books, etc.,). I am hearing from the district that the plan is to do this the same so most likely you will get the same materials ordered again unless something bubbles up differently.

Thanks for your help and please see me with questions. I would like to have your selections by Friday, February 28, 2014.

2/14/14 is club and candid picture day.

Julie will be sending a schedule early next week.

Watch Video #4...or all of them, but 4 reminds of us of the FISH...HAVE FUN!