By: Gillian H.

What does an Architect do?

An architect plans and develops designs for the inside of a house, apartment, business building or offices. They make models and draw with tools such as pencils,rulers, and compasses .They need unique training in art, math and a great imagination. They can work for the government, themselves, or a large group.

Above is a compass, it is used to make perfect circles.

Above is a example of what a building plan looks like.

Why I chose this career

I chose to be an architect because when I get older I may want to become one. I think it would be very neat to draw out a house, and then have it built in front of your own eyes. You also get to make a building with your own artistic opinion and freedom. Architecture has hands on work, to keep you busy and happy all day!

Experience/Skills Needed

To become a successful architect you need to have good skills in art, because you need to draw unique shapes, and lines on your building plan. A great imagination is very helpful to an architect. If you have imagination you will have particular designs that more people will like, and the more people will ask you to be their architect. Finally, you need high skills in math because you measure and add, multiply, subtract,and divide numbers to make your house easy to understand for the builders. You do all this math because you are putting it into scale form.

Education Needed

There are many years of school/education involved in architecture. You can go to college for 5 years to earn a Bachelors degree. You could go an additional 2 years to earn a Masters degree.

After you graduate you will have successful life!

What branch of Science is it under? Why?

Architecture is under Physical Science because it deals with physics and force. Physics are used in architecture when figuring out how the building will support the weight, and how tall the building can be with the weather conditions around it. Force is used when you are finding out how the doors and windows open and close.

What I found interesting

I found many things interesting in architecture through my research. One interesting fact I learned was that architects don't just draw the plan. They make models. Another interesting fact is that architects build offices. I thought they only planned out houses, apartments and skyscrapers.

Above is a model of a hotel.