Labor Issues Project

Criminal Justice II

Background Information

Students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of labor issues (workers' rights and responsibilities, wages, benefits, labor organizations, professional associations, etc...). This is a required competency in Virginia Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.


Students will conduct research on twelve topics related to labor and employment: child labor laws, minimum wage, overtime compensation, EEOC, OSHA, FMLA (or maternity / paternity leave), FLSA, labor unions, professional associations, U.S. Department of Labor, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, and workers compensation.

Each student will create and submit a Smore newsletter that describes and discusses one fact learned for ten of the twelve topics. For example:

Fact: Since 1938, all except two presidents have increased the minimum wage.

Observation: I wonder who the two presidents are who did not increase minimum wage, and I also wonder what their reasons were for not increasing minimum wage.

Resources that may be utilized include web sites for the U.S. Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. Our librarians may suggest other databases and publications that have appropriate content.

Students will work in class on Monday, September 12 and Tuesday, September 13 to conduct research and create / submit a Smore that demonstrates their understanding of the issues. A link to the completed Smore should be emailed or shared by the end of class on Tuesday, September 13.

Students should be prepared to discuss with the class one fact they found especially interesting or have a question about.


Evaluation of this project (your grade) will be based on effort / time management as observed by the teacher, quality and creativity of Smore, and the quality of explanation during the class discussion.
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