Founded by: Will T, Henry R, Holden M and R.J. H

Bergea Lake, Washington

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Introduction/Description of Assignment

HR,WT,HM. The assignment was to make a planned community based off of Greek and Roman ideas. The purpose of the project is to learn how Greeks and Romans influenced our lives in a more effective and real way. Next, the overall concept is to help us learn and understand of the Greeks and Romans. Overall, the main idea of this project was to contribute to the learning of the Greeks and Romans and then make our own community off those ideas.

Importance of Community

Community Makes You. You Make Your Community. - National TV ad

Location of Community

RJ, HR Our community is located in Bergea, Washington. Our community name is Buckletown. Our social view is mostly upper class citizens. We target mostly families who plan to live their for a long time. Meanwhile, Our population is 5,000 people. Our target is upper class families due to the nice homes, and lakeside view and town square. Our strip mall, hotels, school, recreation center, restaurants, and shops are good to live near. Luckily, Buckletown has all of those things! The location of our community is extremely vital in the act of people coming their.

The importance of location when you buy a condominium

Desirable Community

HM In our strive to make our own community we wanted to make as desirable and as modern as possible. One of our modern and more desirable features is our government, our republic is strong and is direct to the people. Also, our mall is very modern and desirable, with its shops that draw all tourists from around the country. Another modern aspect is our school, our academic area is inspired by Romans and Greeks with modern aspects as well. All in all, the modern and desirable aspects of our community will draw people to visit and live in our community

Greek Influences in our Community

HR, RJ The greek influences in our community are all around it. Our hotels and apartments have columns with all Greek based architecture. Also, our recreation center has a gymnasium just like the Greeks had to get more fit and stronger. Next, our school has Greek pillars in the front and they teach Greek formulas and methods of education. Lastly, our community has lots of Greek based architecture and methods of life.

Roman Influences in our Community

HM, HR, RJ Our project was to make a community inspired by Rome and Greece. Some of our Roman aspects include domes on our schools and restaurants. As well as our government in which we elect officials in a republic. Next, in our recreation center we have a Rome inspired dome on the top. Our roads are also Roman inspired, created with concrete which is also Roman.. The roads are made to be very durable and last for a very long time. As listed above, those are the ways our community is Rome inspired.
How did the Greeks and Romans Influence Today's Architecture?

Roman influences

Roman road

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WT, Our final goal was to make a planned community in which would be good to live in. Also, we had to make our community based off of our Greek and Roman knowledge. The Greek and Roman influences really make it more desirable to live in. Our community would be a great place to live in for many reasons. In conclusion, our city is very desirable to live in.