#IMLEA17 Session Handouts

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How Did Twitter Tell Our Story?

SESSION 2 (9:10-10:10 am)

Suites 2-3

Math Workshop in 49 Minutes... No Way!

Presenter: Jeremy Willis, Algebra Teacher for Mariemont Junior High School, Cincinnati

Suites 4-5

Chinese Education Connection

Presenter: Linda Lawrence, Retired Principal of Westlane Middle School, Indianapolis

Suites 6-7

Beanbags, Blow-Up Chairs and Best Practices for Alternative Seating Options

Presenter: Tonja Brading, 6th Grade Teacher from New Washington Middle/High School

Suite 8

Implementing Restorative Practices in the Middle School Setting

Presenter: Elizabeth Krutz, Principal of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Valparaiso

Suites 9-10

Making a Difference in the “Middle” Brain (2 Part Series) (See download below)

Amanda McCammon, Director of PK-16 IN Department of Education; Melissa Blossom, Assistant Director of Secondary Curriculum, DOE

Ballroom D

Professional Learning Communities that WORK

Presenter: Cathy Tooley, Tools for Success

Ballroom E

Earn Your Stripes: Learning to Lead the Zebra Way

Lead Presenter: Oscar Haughs, Principal of Rochester Middle School

Session 3: 10:25-11:25

Suites 2-3

Crash Scene Investigation

Presenter: Caleb Mast, Math Teacher from Northridge Middle School, Middlebury

Suites 4-5

Resources, Tools and Guidance to Ensure Success in the Middle

Presenter: Steve Griffin, Assistant Superintendent of New Albany-Floyd County Schools

Suites 6-7

Igniting Student and Teacher Passion Using Alternate Curricula

Presenter: Bobby Thompson, Principal of Triton Central Middle School, Fairland

Suite 8

PRIDE: Combining PBIS and CCR for Secondary SUCCESS!

Presenter: Dr. Mariane Fisher, Freshman Academy Principal, Jeffersonville High School

Suites 9-10

Making a Difference in the “Middle” Brain PART II (see Part I above in Session 2)

Presenters: Amanda McCammon, Director of PK-16, DOE; Melissa Blossom, Assistant Director of Secondary Curriculum, DOE

Ballroom D

Indiana's New ESSA Plan: What You Will Need to Know to Be Ready to Address the Requirement for Using Early Warning Indicators

Presenter: Dr. Schauna Findlay Relue

Ballroom E

Service-Learning and Student Engagement: Increasing Student Engagement and Enhancing Existing Curriculum

Presenter: Beth Smith, Educational Consultant with generationON Indiana

Session 4: 12:35-1:35

Suites 2-3

ESSA's New Definition of a Well-Rounded Education

Presenter: Gary Lemke, President-Elect of Indiana Assocation of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (IAHPERD)

Suites 4-5

Recognize and Reward Your Staff and Students Year Round (see download below)

Presenters: Travis Smith, Assistant Principal, and Gina Whitaker, Tri-West Middle School, Lizton

Suites 6-7

Try Something New for 30 Days: Our Commitment to Student Ownership and Reflection

Presenters: Sara Uebbing, Instructional Specialist, Melissa Margis and Elisa Stanfill, Teachers, Creston Middle School, Indianapolis

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Suite 8

Vision-to-Action: Feeding the Giraffe and the Flamingo

Presenter: Janet Page, American Student Achievement Institute, Bloomington

Suites 9-10

School Culture and School Climate: They are not the same thing! (see download below)

Presenter: Steve Gruenert, Professor from Indiana State University

Ballroom D

DATA Driven Instruction

Presenter: Dakota Adcox, Language Arts Teacher from Tecumseh Middle School, Lynnville

Ballroom E

Service Learning 2: Stepping Up Your Service-Learning Acumen

Presenter: Beth Smith, genarationOn Indiana Consultant

Session 5: 1:50-2:50 pm

Suites 2-3

Scientific Literacy Strategies in Middle School

Presenter: Rachel Patton, Science Teacher from Cascade Middle School, Clayton

Suites 4-5

Building and Sustaining a Collaborative System of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Presenters: Amber Schroering, Assistant Principal of Brownsburg East Middle School

Suites 6-7

Teaching in a Self-Directed Model

Presenter: Jeff Harker, Mathematics Teacher from Fall Creek Valley Middle School, Indianapolis

Suite 8

PATINS Project: Access to & Meaningful Participation in the Curriculum

Presenter: Daniel McNulty, State Director of the PATINS Project

Suites 9-10

Panel Discussion – Advantages of being a ‘School to Watch”

Presenters: Jana Vance, Rochester Community Schools Superintendent; Tonja Brading; New Washington Middle/High School Teacher; Daryl Werner, Principal Jac-Cen-Del Jr. Sr. High School; Ryan Nickoli, Principal, Tri-West Middle School; Jeni Hirschy, Principal, Riverside Intermediate School; Kristen Boehnlein, Teacher, Highland Hills Middle School

This link connects you to more information about this FREE program.

Ballroom D

Utilizing Data to Drive Instruction (See download below)

Presenter: Kelli Turner, Principal of Southside Middle School, Muncie

Ballroom E

Tips to Creating & Maintaining Effective Parent-Teacher Relationships

Ciji Henderson, Literacy Department Chair, University of Chicago Charter Schools, was unable to attend. She did suggest this website. She is available to meet with schools and provide PD.

IMLEA Board Member Bobby Thompson stepped in and led a discussion about grading and assessment.

Session 6: 3:00-4:00

Suite 2-3

Teaching Engineering Design Using UV Beads (see attachment below)

Presenter: Nikki Rumpler, 5th Grade STEM Teacher, Riverside Intermediate, Plymouth

Suites 4-5

Interdisciplinary Learning for a Changing Planet

Presenter: Jodi Bondy, Independent Education Consultant with Population Connection

Suites 6-7

Making School Look and "Taste" More Like Orange Leaf Yogurt

Presenter: Eric Sieferman, Administrator from Mill Creek Community School Corporation, Clayton

Suite 8

Paws & Think: Benefits of a Dog Therapy Program

Presenter: Kelsey Burton, Executive Director, Paws & Think

Suites 9-10

New Programs Promote Acceptance, Respect and Human Dignity

Presenter: Lee Lonzo, Director of Champions Together (Special Olympics Indiana/IHSAA)

Ballroom D

Just keep SWIMming: Implementing a School Wide Model of instruction @ North Putnam Middle School

Presenter: Scott Miller, Principal of North Putnam Middle School, Roachdale

Ballroom E

Creating Cultures of Thinking through Visible Learning

Presenter: Dr. Brent Comer, Principal of Hayden Elementary (Jennings County Schools), Dr. Terry McDaniel, Nick Hill