By Dylan


What has laser guns what has lightsabers or fearce sith lords fantastic jedi star wars

who made star wars

who made star wars want to know gerodge lucas he is awsome were lucky star wars is around i cant live with out it.

episode 1 phantom menece

the phantom menece is sort of how the clone wars started it's not relly populer but it's ok i guess.

episode 2 attack of the clones

the empire starts coming out there hiding place and began a war aginst the reblic army of clones and jedi.

episode 3 revenge of the sith

a young jedi named anikin skywalker turns to the dark side of the forece all the jedi vanish exsept 2 obi wan kinobie and master yoda survive the terrifnig war anikin becomes sith lord and in the fourth luke skywalker sereves the reblic

episode 4 a new hope

luke skywalker destryose the death star 1 luke gets stronger with the forece obi wan died in the war but comes back as a forece goust
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episode 5 emipire strikes back

darth vader tries to destroy the rebublic and a dark turn comes closer but they manedge to live

episode 6 return of the jedi

empor palpatien cacthes luke he uses lightning and almost kills the young jedi but lord vader turns back to good and kills the empor but at the end lord vader died but theres episode 7 to see what happens next
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #4 (2015)