Driver-less Cars

By: Benjamin Wong, Rohit Kundu and Adriano Brown

What is a Driver-less car?

Autonomous vehicles (also known as driverless cars) are vehicles that detects its surroundings by using GPS, radar, LIDAR (light detection and ranging), Odometry and computer vision. It uses its advanced control systems to navigate safely from one place to another, being able to detect traffic ideally with the only human input being telling the car where to go.

There is many research being put into driverless cars. Companies such as Google, Audi and BMW are trying to create their own driverless cars, and are mostly succeeding as there was Google only reported to have 1 accident with their driverless cars.

How do they work?

Driver-less cars ideally are supposed to be very easy to operate as the only thing the user needs to do is input the location that they need to go. Once the car receives the location, it uses a variety of laser sensors, high definition cameras, accelerators and more. These sensors and cameras are used to prevent car accidents on the road, people waling on sidewalks, as well as detect weather terrain. It uses the accelerometer to make sure that the car is at a constant speed. The car would also contain a back-up system for manual use as well in case something does go wrong.

Impact They Have on Our Society

There are many things that can impact society with a driver-less cars. Since the car is not controlled by a human there would be a significantly less amount of human error which means that roads would be substantially safer. There would also be a significant less need for drivers license the car would drive itself. A lack of traffic lights and highway patrols as the cars would know when to stop and when it is either the other car's or the passerby's turn to cross the road.

That is all great but....

With the creation for driverless cars in the future, carmakers may not end up selling autonomous vehicles for the simple consumer. They would most likely be used as taxi's or bus than for actual cars, which could potentially cause those industries to lose

buisness. Also the good portion of the world still would like to get behind the wheel and drive their own vehicles and to some people driving is a sense of escape and free will.


The Autonomous car is a vehicle that doesn't need a driver to help drive the car. Instead it drives to places itself with the passenger only input being the location they want to go via the Global Positioning System (GPS). The impact of this technology would be huge as it would be a huge milestone for our society. However the impact on today's society would be rather large as there could potentially be a huge loss of jobs.