The End of the War

Established on October 14, 1763

Cease the Fighting

By: Alaina Hart

Britain has recently come to the agreement of allowing the Indians to gain the Ohio Valley proclaimed in the Proclamation of 1763. I don't think this will go well because the colonists only fought the war with Britain to have access to the Ohio Valley. When the king proclaimed that the very land the colonists fought for was reserved for the Indians, the colonists became angry. Also, Britain has never been good at keeping their land promises. In our current situation, I believe the land agreements will work for now, however, they may not be upheld in the future. All we can hope for is for to Britain to keep their land promises and the colonists to settle down about the land agreements.

A Review of the War

By: Tyler Ziccardi

Before all of the fighting began, the French claimed the interior of North America, while British colonists settle along the coast, French and British trade for furs with different Native American groups, France and Britain arm the Natives, British colonies move into the Ohio River Valley, which was claimed by France, and France builds forts to keep the British out. This was the start of the war. The French and Native Americans fought as allies and the British, Colonists, and Native Americans opposed the French and Natives. The ongoing effects of the war were Britain wins control of all North America east of the Mississippi River, Spain gains New Orleans and French territory west of the Mississippi River, Native Americans revolt against the British, Britain bans further settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains to avoid conflict with the Native Americans which is known as the Proclamation of 1763, and colonists become angry. Some of the geographical features include the Ohio River Valley, the Appalachian Mountains, and the northeast coast.

Quotes form George Washington:

"One loss does not determine you a failure, its giving up that denotes the end."

"I have just arrived bearing more soldiers to find that we are on land that France controls! I must come up with a plan to keep my soldiers safe from the French!"