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UNICEF Says Gender Equality Will Empower Women And Children

Why Equality?

The State Of The World's Children 2007 says that gender equality produces a "double dividend" of support for women AND children. Women who feel empowered turn around and help their families which make their children feel more supported! Women's empowerment has been linked to child nutrition, health, and education. In countries with female representation in government, children tend to be healthier. However, women account for around 20% of government positions worldwide. To achieve gender equality, we must change our way of thinking as well as our actions. We need to take a stand and say "Gender Inequality is NOT Okay."

How Can You Take Action?

According to WorldVision, there are several ways to empower women, and some of them are much simpler than you may think.

  1. Speak Up Against Human Trafficking: Your voice can be your most powerful weapon. By speaking up against trafficking, you have the power to increase the movement. The more people that are aware of the situation, the more resources we have to fix it.
  2. Invest in Women's Small Businesses: By investing in a woman's business, you are empowering her monetarily to support herself and her family.
  3. Influence a Young Girl In Your Community: It's important that women learn their worth at a young age. Check around your community to find the best way for you to be a mentor to a young girl in your area.
  4. Help Provide Clean Water: Without water, education let alone everyday life is hard to achieve. By visiting websites such as World Vision, you can donate money to make sure every woman has access to clean water.
  5. Tell a Woman How Much They Mean to You: Words can go a long way. A very simple way to make a woman feel empowered is to compliment her. You never know how much you can impact someone's life with something as simple as a kind word.

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