Jason Snook Feature Story

By Sam Landess


“When life gives you lemons, throw them away and go surfing” This is just a one of many quotes local surfer Jason Snook has to say. Jason Snook was born on November 17, 2000. He realized he wanted to be a surfer after he watched the NASC (National amateur surfing championship) when he was eight years old.

After watching the competition he started going to surf camp. On his first wave a surf camp he stood up. After that Jason took surfing as serious as soccer. This surf school was in the wonderful , beautiful, amazing Virginia Beach, VA.



Other than surfing Jason likes to play soccer for his school at Pocahontas Middle School. Jason’s first goal ever was when the Jason was at mid-field and he noticed the goalie for the other team was talking to a girl. Jason noticed that and shot the ball and scored.

In Jason’s off time he likes to longboard, play baseball with his friend Sam Landess, going to the pool and hanging out with his friends, and mountain biking.