Andrew Jackson

A Zero for the People?!?!

The Spoils System

Jackson might had thought rewarding his supporters with government jobs was a great idea, but some people do not! Supporters may not be qualified for the jobs. Citizens of the U.S. should not want inexperienced workers running our country. Also, taking in workers mean that some must go! Qualified workers are losing their jobs in order to let in Jackson's friends.

Jackson Treats Natives like Trash

Those unfortunate Natives! This unheard of cruelty can only be described as a crime. Jackson forced thousands of Native Americans in southeastern America to move to unwanted land west of the Mississippi River just because gold was found on their land! First, he signed the Indian Removal Act and then ignored the Supreme court ruling of Worcester v Georgia. That's right, ignored! The court ruled that Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee because they are a separate nation. Then, in 1838, the Georgia militia pushed the Cherokees west, resulting in thousands of deaths during the Trail of Tears.

South is Fed Up About Tariffs: The Nullification Crisis

The Tariffs of 1828 and 1832 are breaking the limit! The U.S. government seems to have forgotten that the South has little industry and relies on imported goods. However the prices are rising, thanks to these tariffs. The North has benefited because the South is buying their products. Then, South Carolina decided to take a stand. They nullified the Tariff of 1828 and threatened to secede if the federal government interfered with the nullification. After all, there are such things as states' rights. Unfortunately for them, Congress passed the Force Bill and Jackson threatened to hang Calhoun. That ended the nullification with the 1833 Compromise Tariff.

Jackson Destroys National Bank

Jackson despised the national bank, saying that the bank only benefited the wealthy and not the poor. So, when the time came to pass the bill for the national bank, Jackson vetoed it. Here, Jackson is shown in front of the destroyed bank.

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