Can't Communicate Without Them!

by Matthew Roach

Webster's dictionary defines a verb as "a word that denotes an action or a state". Without verbs, sentences would be nothing but a lot of words that would not make sense. Verbs are the building blocks of our language. Verbs are important in letting us know what a sentence is truly saying. If verbs were to cease to exist, people could no longer communicate effectively. We would all have to spend massive amounts of time trying to figure out what was meant by the words we heard or saw. Very bad news might be mistaken for very good news and very good news for bad. If a person received a letter in the mail with the words "You a million dollars", he or she could think it meant "You won a million dollars" when really it was trying to tell that person "You owe a million dollars." Verbs are necessary to know what is going on.