Drawing Conclusions

Who am I?

What is my responsibility to society?

My responsibilities to society are to make it a positive and clean environment but it also is to make it better. It can be physically and mentally.I can physically make it better by not causing so much pollution, recycling, cleaning, keeping it green,etc.It is also mentally because I also have to socially spread positivity and influence the future by creating jobs in the future.

How do my skills and talents help to define me?

My skills and talents help define me by showing my interest. It can show what i want to get better at and my intentions and how passionate I can be about it. It can also be negative because some people might want to get better at something negative and show people a bad message about you.

How do I read to gain skills, knowledge, and wisdom?

I can gain skills, knowledge, and wisdom not by how fast I can do it but how much grit I have and hard worker I am and if i am willing to do it and not let barriers stop you. I will do this by not saying but doing. It might not make me great at reading or math but I can learn how to do decisions and smart choices for the future.

How do I learn best?

I learn best by the teacher doing examples and me working on them individually after being showed how to do them. I feel that I learn best individually because I tend to get distracted easily while I am starting and if I am in a group I normally not do work or study efficiently.

What do I need to learn in high school to be prepared for college or work?

What I need to learn in high is not only how to do the assignment but also technics to improve my work. Also how to be organized for college since it is very important so you are professional. We also need to learn things that help us in the long run for life.