1 for the price of 2!

Our Company Is Offering The All New GLASS-O-CAMERA!

When you are at school for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, you can get bored easily and stop paying attention to the teacher. If you miss something the teacher is saying you can watch the video you took with the glasses so you know what you missed. Our company thought that it is important to catch everything that the teacher said in order to do your homework properly an succeed in school. Therefore, we invented a product that helps you catch everything that the teacher is saying. This product should be used in class instead of cameras because they are portable a sit on your head so you do not have to hold it and let it distract you. Our group also thought that taking notes was a waste of paper but with the glass-o-camera, you can take videos and save paper and trees.

The 12-18 age range seems to be the best market for our product because 12 -18 year old do not often pay attention in class so the glass-o-camera can help you catch the parts you missed when you watch the video. The glass-o-camera is for taking pictures and videos of what goes on around you. they are a shiny silver color that looks great both as a tool (eyeglasses) and as a fashion statement. the Glass -O -Camera has a two in one function as a pair of glasses and a camera. they have 300 GB storage.