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Intensive Course Abroad

What is fun? For me, studying social entrepreneurship abroad is toward the tippity top of the list. And luckily, I am doing just this.

Today (Aug. 8, 2013) marks the midpoint of my 2-week stay in Prague. I am taking an intensive course in Social Entrepreneurship through a program called Leadership Exchange. Thus far, it has been an amazing experience. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited.

I am surprised by the amount of progress that has been made in just one week. The organization of the site is more clear, the target market has shifted, and the business model is more thought-through. Thanks to Liam Green, another Tulane student on the program, and his commitment to join the Launchange cause, we have made some serious strides.

Next week should hold even more promises because Elizabeth Abernethy, a talented creative, has decided to join our team. The timing couldn't have been better as we are reaching the layout and design phase of the project.

I am excited to get back into the swing of things as the academic year approaches. Launchange will be ready for round 2!

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An Article about Myself and the Project

Being interviewed and featured in this publication was a really nice surprise. It seems that Launchange is starting to get recognized on campus!

Now a Student Organization

After drafting a Constitution, filling out numerous forms, and presenting twice, I am officially done with the whole process of creating a student organization. The SBAC committee has decided to grant Launchange Tulane active club status, skipping the 6-9 month provisional period! Launchange Tulane is a CACTUS organization, meaning that it is recognized as a service-focused organization. By affiliating with CACTUS, we are now part of the most active and successful branch of student organizations on campus. Starting now, Launchange Tulane can start applying for a budget. I am looking for student leaders to help me make this the most popular and noteworthy organization on campus. Contact me if you are interested in being part of the movement!

The First Investment

Thank you to the Felson Service Fund for backing Launchange! While $500 isn't game changing, it certainly will help. This money will go toward the $25 monthly fee for the online network up until I can receive financing from USG. It will also help with miscellaneous expenses such as marketing, trademark/ non-profit registration, conference fees, etc. For anyone at Tulane who has a project that is service-focused, I strongly recommend applying!

New Name

During break, I discussed this idea with my brother and came to realize that Projechange wasn't a good enough name, it was too confusing and seemed to be missing an important letter. How do you pronounce it? Is it one word with a soft "ch" sound or two words with a hard "k" sound? My brother was sure that Projechange was not the name I needed, and I agreed.

After coming up with more than 180 available names (most good ones are taken!), driving myself crazy over the past couple days, it was narrowed down to one: Launchange. I purchased both the .com and .org name. I hope you think it is better :)

Accepted into Changemaker Institute, Let the Games Begin!

The Changemaker Institute at Tulane supports students with ideas for social change that can evolve into sustainable ventures and potential careers. We work with Tulane graduate AND undergraduate students passionate about transforming New Orleans - both students who have an idea for social change and students who want to join the leadership team of these start-ups. We want to help students develop, test, and launch social ventures. These ventures can expand an existing project/program or create a new organization, they can develop into non-profits or for-profits - we want to support any idea with a strong social mission that can be sustainable and has potential to grow. Our 10-week Spring Incubator offers students:

  • Workshops to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Peer learning and team building
  • Consulting and mentoring from the Tulane and New Orleans community
  • Access to funding opportunities
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A Little About Myself & My Goals

My name is Ethan Levy and I am a 19-year old sophomore. I was raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After witnessing hardships abroad in China and Honduras and experiencing the thrill of travel, my life perspective drastically changed. I had new goals in life.

First, I must make a significant, positive, and lasting difference on the lives of many. Nothing is more satisfying than having this kind of mark on the world to be remembered by. Second, I must extensively travel. Through travel, you learn more about the world and yourself than anything else. It alters your sense of reality in profound ways.

By undertaking the Altman Program’s International Studies & Business dual-degree curriculum, I am setting myself up well for potential careers filled with travel. My second life goal seems feasible. But what about the more ambitious first? It will certainly be a life-time pursuit.

Here, I will make my first attempt to create something of some significance

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