BY:Ryan Schultz


Oberon Is a natural satellite of Uranus.Oberon was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel.It is one of at least 27 moons of Uranus the reason I say At least because it is unknown on how many moons Uranus actually has because It is so far away we actually find new moons of other planets and Uranus all the time.
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The facts

The numbers and stats of Oberon,It's diameter 946 miles. it's distance from Uranus is 362,580 miles.Our moons diameter is 2,159 miles.Oberon is more dense than any other Uranus moon with 1.63 g/cm.Oberon take 13 days to orbit Uranus.It's The 9th largest known moon.

weight difference

Oberon has way less gravity than there is here on earth. one pound on earth is equal to .03541 on Oberon.On Oberon I would way 4.14297 pounds.
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The surface

Oberon Is an interesting moon because The moon possibly could have an ocean under All the ice it has.Oberon's average temperature is 70 to 80 k.The k stands for kelvins which is a way to measure temperature.Another interesting fact about the surface of Oberon is that Oberon has canyons 12 times deeper than the earths grand canyon.
Oberon: Uranus' Moon
The moon Oberon is a important moon to know about because Of all the interesting facts like the ice And the "ocean" That could mean life and the funny weight You would way.The deep canyons could say there was once moving water.In conclusion Oberon is an important moon to know about.

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