GHS Library Lowdown

September 17, 2013

Library Rules and Procedures

1. Students should not have to use their hall passes to come to the library, BUT, they do have to have some kind of pass from their class so I know where they are from and what they need. I may have to send students back if I am working with a class.

2. The library is open during both lunches.

3. The Library Computer Lab is open to any class that wants to use it. The schedule is on my desk counter and it is First Come - First Served.

Library Website:

Available Online Resources

Library Fundraiser Coming

As you know, we are in desperate need of funds. In an upcoming fundraiser, I will be asking for donations to become a member of "GHS Library Friends". The English department has graciously volunteered to assist me in this project and I am hoping to have it up and running by the end of the month. Look out for further information. UPDATE!! I have been given a partial budget but it is going fast! Please be listening for information on the fundraiser starting September 23.

Check out these websites!

I get regular updates and email from USA Today. While we don't have a subscription for the newspaper many of their lessons and articles are online and free to use. For example: 13 page series on medical Innovations emerging from war and this great graphic organizer for analyzing persuasive arguments.