Week Four News

Engineering is Elementary - Summer Reading Program

Contact Information

Mrs. Dow and Ms. Allen may be contacted by email and/or a note from home.




ClassDojo is another option for both receiving information and contacting Mrs. Dow and Ms. Allen. If you have not already joined our class there, please do so. Just go to www.classdojo.com.


What We Did

The kids explored even further into being an engineer and what that involves. Their problem they were to solve involved the creation of a wall. What type of mortar works best? They identified the properties of sand, soil, and clay. A test was done involving those three Earth materials. Even an earthquake test was done. Which ones stuck together, cracked, crumbled, and had parts fall off? The mortars were then numbered according to stickiness and strength. Logging down our findings was practiced. Based on our findings, we mixed together a mortar of super strength. We are one step closer to building our own actual wall using the mortar WE made. Young engineers are applying what they have learned so far!

This Week

The kids will complete the last two steps in our Engineer Process. They will create their class walls and decide how to improve them (Create Step and Improve Step). A presentation will be done and another grade level will come in to see our creations. In turn, we will go see their creations.

Below are the steps in the Engineering Design Process:

  • Ask: What's the problem? (We did this step.)
  • Imagine: What are some solutions? (We did this step.)
  • Plan: Draw a diagram and list needed materials. (We did this step.)
  • Create: Follow your plan. Test it out! (We are doing this now.)
  • Improve: Make sure your design is even better! (We will do this soon.)

Classroom Expectations - Class Dojo

In our class, we have been focusing on building important life skills such as working hard and participating. Ms. Allen and Mrs. Dow is using Class Dojo to give students feedback on these skills. We have been uploading pictures and videos for you to see what we have been doing! Almost every student has created an account and signed up. If you have not, it is easy! To join our class just go to the following web address: www.classdojo.com. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What To Do Now?

We want you to keep this learning going. Keep reading both non-fiction and fiction materials. Books are not the only things to read out there. You can read magazines, newspapers, letters, and even internet information. Give your child a problem, and have them help you come up with a solution. Their solutions make work, or they may not. Talk about them, write their ideas down, and see if they may improve upon them. Perhaps the dog keeps getting out of the backyard. How may your child help you solve that problem? Let them come up with the solution. There are also several websites out there that are great for them to use. Starfall.com, PBSkids.com, bbc.co.uk, ixl.com, spellingcity.com, and let's not forget kyrene.org under our Educational Resources. There are all subject areas on the Kyrene website. Make sure to read, write, and practice your math facts!

Thank You

This will be your last newsletter from us. It is our final week of Summer School. Mrs. Dow and Ms. Allen want to thank all of you for a great class! The entire month of June was packed with hands on Science learning. Your children made new friends and learned what being an engineer was all about. Make sure to keep reading and exploring new ideas. We will remember each and every one of you! Have a wonderful rest of your summer.