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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Featured Alumni:

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This edition's featured alumni is Lauren Edwards, EDS class of 2014. We sat down with her for a Q&A to find out what's next for this promising alumni.

Tell us where you are in college and your major.

  • I’m at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m majoring in Music Business/Management.

What are your career goals?

  • I plan to further my education by obtaining a graduate degree at the Valencia, Spain location of Berklee. My goal is to be a record label executive somewhere in the field of A&R or Management

What impact did EDS have on you?

  • EDS gave me a space to keep my creativity and my ambition alive while always pushing me to be my best.

What passions did you find at EDS?
  • I remember the day I fell in love with music. It was in Mrs. Gabbert’s “Guys and Dolls” rehearsal, in which I had the role of Adelaide. I loved every minute of rehearsal and wanted the songs and the show to be perfect.

Describe the faculty at EDS?
  • The faculty at EDS were the most supportive and passionate teachers I‘ve ever had.

Did you have a favorite teacher?
  • Either Mrs. Gabbert or Mrs. Kay or even Madame Melanie. All kinda changed my life.

Was there a time that a teacher went above and beyond for you?
  • I just remember the countless hours I spent with Mrs. Gabbert in the choir room after school for Praise Band. Or the time Mrs. Rasbeary came to my performance and gave me a jewelry box.

What did you like about your fellow students?

  • We were a family. Always will be in a way.

Did you stay in touch with EDS friends?

  • Yes! We all met up before we went away to college and we keep in touch in a group chat!

How prepared for college and life were you?
  • EDS instilled something in me that helped me excel in high school which led me to where I am.

Advancing the Vision Update

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A Message from the Head of School

Through Phase 2 of the Advancing the Vision Capital Campaign, and the hard work of the Board of Trustees and EDS staff, $1,236,463 of the $1.1 million goal has been raised and fundraising is still ongoing. Every additional dollar raised will decrease our financing and enhance the campus.

We are excited to announce that we have confirmed an opening date of August 2020 for the new EDS Middle and Upper School campus. Even though we should be finished with the campus around April 2020, we can use that extra time to begin introducing the campus to prospective families and students, and even run summer camps out there that year. Giving ourselves a little extra time allows us to have a finished campus complete with beautiful landscaping and a filled lake.

Our building committee is making great progress in “value-engineering” the project (i.e. finding cost-saving measures), but feel if they had more time, they could find even more value in the design phase. We want to be sure we can live up to our promises. Rushing a project like this generally leads to bigger mistakes and greater costs.

Thank you so much for all your support. Your generosity has helped us reach this momentous turning point and we are so excited for the promising future of Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School.


The Reverend Boo Kay

Recent Events at EDS

Alumni News

  • Lydia Fenet, EDS Class of 1991, is now a published author. Her book "The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You" is now available on Amazon.
  • Mallory Black, EDS Class of 2015, signed with Lakeland University in Wisconsin to play volleyball.
  • Skylar Gilmore, EDS Class of 2011, graduated Cum Laude from Baylor University. She will be pursuing her masters for Speech Pathology in the fall.
  • Andrew Castle and Elise Bourque, EDS Class of 2015, made the final 4 for student of the year at St.Louis.
  • Devin Wicke, EDS Class of 2010, is graduating from LSU in Industrial Engineering with minors in Business Administration and Technical Sales.
  • Savannah Walker, EDS Class of 2007, finished Law School, passed the bar exam and got married this year.
  • Abby Richards, EDS Class of 2013, is on the LSU Powerlifting team.
  • Hasan Mir, EDS Class of 2014, is coaching our 5th grade math team. So wonderful to see our alumni already giving back!

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