make your homepage matter

Whether you're using your learning platform as your school website or not, it's still important to make the home page visually appealing, in the same way that you want your school to be welcoming to your existing community, not just prospective parents.

Think carefully about who will be using your platform and what their needs are - both from a technical and emotional perspective. A home page that is easy to navigate and appeals to the majority of users is more likely to be visited without the need for reminders.

Try to avoid over-cluttering your home page. Stick with key information that you'd like all users to see and move other information - clearly signposted - to another page(s). Too many colours can also appear cluttered - stick to a definite colour scheme for most of the page.

What's your hook?

Why are your students and staff visiting your learning platform?

If the answer is 'because they have to' then you're missing out on the true potential. For a platform to really make an impact on learning, it needs to be somewhere your users choose to be - because it's competing with many other demands on everyone's time.

Some ideas:
  • Featured image that is updated regularly
  • Celebrating this week (info or photo of achievement)
  • Random question of the week
  • Featured web site
  • Embed current house leaderboard

However you decide to 'hook' in your students and staff to encourage regular use of your learning platform, make sure it's something that will appeal to them.

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