U.S Veterans Not Taken Care OF

U.S Troops fought for us and came home to only have to fight

Why Should We Care?

U.S veterans have fought and kept us safe, only to come home from the fighting to have to fight for a happy life. Many veterans become homeless and will work for food or money. Troops that have suffered injuries such as lost limbs or internal injuries that they couldn't afford on their own, the government said they would pay for this but neglect there promise.

It Doesn't Just Affect The Veterans

This doesn't just affect the veterans who this is happening to, it also affects the number of recruits joining the military. When young people see that if they join and survive and only have homelessness to look to after the service why would they want to join? Also the families of the veterans would also struggle without the governments pension.

What This Looks Like Before And After

Why Should We Have A Monument Built?


A monument should be made to commemorate are veterans for their service and dedication to protecting us. Also to prove that we haven't forgotten them and that we will remember their sacrifice and service. It should be made to make the veterans to feel proud that they were once a soldier. It should Be made to make people aware of the people who fought for us.


The location of this monument should be placed somewhere people would see often. Lot of people would see it and I think that it should be somewhere many people see. For these reasons I chosen New York City.

The Goal

My goal is to commemorate the men and women who have served are country and make sure they wont be forgotten. At this monument it will give all proceeds and donations to all service men and women the life they deserve. I would show people the sacrifices these people have made on there behalf and why they deserve better than what they have now. I would make people honor them, show them why these people deserve are respect, because they put their lives on the line for ares.