New Technology

Nawaf Alem

Lexes Hoverboard

I have a good idea about the lexus hoverboard.This hoverboard can fly of ground and it cant also go pretty fast. it is coming in about 15000 dollars that's is allot of cash. this board can also hover over water rocks anything but it is very heavy. I think that if you are that guy that likes to collect things then you should pick up the lexes hover board.
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Smart Balance Wheel

I have a good idea about the Smart Balance Wheel but people like to call it a Segway. Me myself I have my own Segway it is coming in about 200 to 500 dollars ill tell you what its worth it. I have so much fun riding it I think you should get one for your self.
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IPhone 6s

This phone is pretty famous phone today people are getting it a lot. you know what I am goanna pick one up for my self. The phone is about 600 dollars and its worth it. the phone has 8gb 16gb 24gb 64gb 128gb wow that is pretty good and it has the finger print feature. If I was you I would get one for my self. The phone also comes in 3 colors it comes in rose gold sliver and gold and those are pretty nice colors to me.
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Samsung galaxy s7

Samsung galaxy s7 is a very good phone that can work in water and take pictures like a pro and it is not that expensive. The phone is about 500 dollars and it is very good. The phone can also hold about maximum 64gb which is so good for this phone for my self I want this phone instead of the iPhone 6s. So if I were you I think you should get this phone.
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Hover Board Uniciycle

This is a self balancing scoter that is coming in about 500 dollars. If you enjoy stuff like this then I think you should go for this. The unicycle is very fast about 10km per hour but you can get hurt very easily if you don't know how to balance on this it is self balancing so its more easier for you.
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This is also a one wheel hover board that goes quick and is no very safe but the good thing is you can balance on this. It is very expansive it is coming in around 30,000 dollars which is very of my budget 0f buying things like this if your that guy that has all that money then go for it .
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