What are the responsibilities?

They advise and counsel others on food and nutrition.

Skills and personal characteristic necessary to be a dietician.

There are many skills need to be a dietician which include: good decision making, the ability to instruct others and to identify and solve complex problems, you have to be socially perceptive, good reading comprehension skills, reasoning and critical thinking skills, effective writing and speaking skills, active listening skills.

Average salary is anywhere from $56,000-$82,000

Training and Education

In college you can chose between to courses in ordering to get the right credentials. You can chose the Coordinated Program in Dietetics or Didactic Program Plus Dietetic Internship. The first program combines a bachelor degree with required internships. While the later which is pretty much the same thing except it’s a didactic bachelor degree. You also need different licenses and certifications depending on the state.

Working Environment

Dietitians work pretty much every where. The usually work in gyms, schools, hospitals, and their on private practice facilities.