What is Branding?

How Does Branding Work?

The Art of Branding

A brand is the image that a business sends out to the world and the principle way by which consumers think about that business. Often a brand is thought of as the logo of the business, think the “McDonalds Arch” or the “Nike Swoosh”, but more than that the brand of McDonalds is that it is an “affordable, friendly, family restaurant” and the brand of Nike is that “wearing their products will help you train and stay in better shape”.

Branding is an essential part of any marketing campaign, your business must have a good reputation and the promotional materials that you release into the world must be consistent with the image you wish to promote for your business. It is also important to have a logo that features your business name and an image, and you should display this logo with any promos so that customers identify your business and the logo. Logo should also be displayed on your door and any signage (if you have a physical location). If you have a website or participate in any other form of digital marketing you should make sure that your brand is consistent through these channels. If you do any sort of content marketing online it is important for you to carefully proofread all materials and also to make sure that the places where your materials are displayed are consistent with your brand values, if you run a business geared towards children it is not a good idea to have your brand displayed on certain types of websites; additionally, if you are a doctor and write quality, well researched medical articles you would not want these to appear on websites or blogs that advocate quack treatments for serious medical conditions, this may lead some people to associate you with being a believer in these “cures” and hurt your brand.

The most important thing to remember is that branding is more of an art than a science, building a brand takes hard work and time so good luck!

Examples of successful brands