Ocean Impacts

Postive vs. Negative

Coral Reefs (Negative)

Due to the pollution around the world it ends up in our beautiful oceans. Most of our oceans have coral reefs where most of our organisms live. Just imagine beautiful coral reefs being white and dead due to human pollution.

Coral Reefs (Postive)

Even though humans have impacted the ocean negatively there are positive impacts like artificial reefs. Humans have purposely sank ships and other materials to make new artificial reefs. Artificial reefs replace the dead coral and give organisms new homes.
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Oil Spills (Negative)

Oils spills are a big impact on the ocean ecosystem they cause a lot of damage to animal life. In the past years there has been many oil spills in our oceans and caused many animals to die or be injured.

Oil Spills (Postive)

One of the positives about oils spills is trying to clean it up. Lamor Oil Spill Clean Up Organization helps prevent and clean up beaches around the world.
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Human Impact (Negative)

Obviously we love to build new houses on the beach, but we don't think about what it does to the organisms that where already there. We are destroying there homes with are homes.

Human Impact (Postive)

Humans have made a positive impact by preserving or sustain ocean areas or beaches.
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Over FIshing (Negative)

Over fishing causes a lot of problems to our ecosystem. it causes some species of fish to become on the endangered list.

Over Fishing ( Postive)

There are laws that state to some fisher men that they can only get a specific number of fish, or a specific species.
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Ferterlizers (Negative)

Fertilizers cause a lot of fish to die. How they get to the oceans it by farms. Since fertilizers make plants grow it increases they algae in the water.

Ferterlizers (Postive)

Humans have purposely but fertilizers to clean and purify the water.
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To the left is a dead zone.