How To Own A Comic Book Store

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In my article I am going to talk how to become a comic book store owner and all the steps to become one. Also what to do when you go to college or anything else.

What Should you do now?

First, you will need to buy a bunch of comic books. Also you need to go to a comic book store and ask the owner how hard it is to own a comic book store and the troubles. You need to find a place to build a comic book store.Put the comic book store where a lot of people walk and there is not a whole lot of traffic and where is a lot of space or plenty of space.

You will need to get a business license. Also you would need to talk to your insurance to cover your comic books, and your buyers and employees. Also you will need to contact the IRS to get an employee to identify your taxes.

You will need to be creative you can get a drama student to dress like a comic book super hero. Also you can bring in a customer too give them a free book. You can also put up posters anywhere.

you need to start small and build your way up. also you can add DVDs and you can also have some graphic novels. Also you can add some comic book characters too.
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Day to Day Life of a Comic Book store owner

To begin your day to day life you need to get some comic books and maybe a little bit of action figures. Also you can put up a some decoration but not some that are too inappropriate. A comic book store owner should be nice to his peers and get to know the workers better.
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Professionals in the Field

The professional that I talked to was Daniel from the comic book store called underdark comics and games in Quincy Illinois and i asked him five question and here they are.

My first question was what made you want to open a comic book store?

Daniel said that he loved comic books hes hole life and that he had a lot of comic books when he was my age.

My second question was did you go to college and get a degree?

Daniel also said that he got a Associates in art while he was in college.

My third question was do you have to be nice to the people that buy?

He said yes he needs to build a friendship he has work surrounded by friends and makes work fun.

My fourth question: What is your favorite thing in the store?

Daniel said he enjoyed his costumers. He loves seeing smiling faces in the morning. it brightens his day knowing he is helping make people happy.

My last question for Daniel was can you decorate the store however you want?

He said you can decorate it but it can not be inappropriate.


Today we learned on how to become a comic book store owner and what steps t takes to own the store. So now you know how to be a comic book owner and ho you think about a comic book store owner. Also how you feel about the comic book store owner.

By Collin Short