Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

11 September 2015

Dear Parents & Carers

Welcome back to everyone and welcome to our Year Five pupils. It is great to see everyone looking so smart in their new uniforms and being so well organised with their planners and pencil cases. It has been lovely to hear about summer holidays and everyone looks rested after the summer break. To those of you new to Wellfield our newsletter is published once per fortnight on a Friday.

The pupils are impressed with the changes that have taken place over the holidays, both porches have been painted and have new flooring and the hall has been redecorated. Our fitness suite is built the machines are installed and sessions for pupils will be starting soon. There is a rota in place for the pupils so that each class will have time to play on our recently installed outdoor gym equipment during break times and each year group will have time on the 4G turf.

Charity Events

We will be holding our first non uniform day next week, on Friday 18th September. Non uniform days are spread out through the year and raise funds for a variety of good causes. We ask that pupils bring in £1 to come in in non uniform. We will also be having a cake sale on that day too. This event ties in with Jeans for Genes day. We will be dividing the money between this charity and also making a contribution to the refugee crisis.

Extracurricular Activities

A timetable for our clubs and fixtures has been placed on the website and can be viewed below. All abilities are welcome at every club. If there is a club that is not on the list but you would really like to create then please see Mr. Richardson or Mr. Burns.
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Sports Fixtures

This year we will be using a text system to contact parents when your child is participating in a school fixture. This will entail times, dates and location for their fixture and of course all parents are always welcome to come and support at every location.

Football Strip

The school would like to thank Whitley Bay Boys Club who have kindly provided the Girl's Football team with a new strip for this season. Look out for their first fixture in a few weeks time.

Music Tuition

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We would like to draw your attention to a number of opportunities available to your child with regard to music practice this year.

Guitar lessons

These will be delivered by Mr. James Peacock and will cost £49.50 per term. They will include 10 lessons of tuition over the term on a small group basis. Each lesson will last for 30 minutes. Pupils can bring their own guitar to school or borrow a guitar from the music department for the actual lessons, although of course ideally they will need a guitar to practise on at home.

Piano and Keyboard

These will be delivered by Mrs. Pat Walker. The cost is £50 which covers 10 lessons of 30 minutes duration over each term. Pupils are taught in groups of 2 during this half hour. Pupils will need their own instrument to practise on at home.

Brass Tuition

These lessons will be delivered by Mr. John Flood. Instruments covered are trumpet, trombone and cornet. Lessons are 30 minutes and 10 of these are offered over each term at a cost of £40 per term. Pupils are usually taught in small groups of 2 or 3. Pupils can bring their own instrument to school but it is also possible to borrow these from the local authority on a termly basis and keep them at home.


Violin tuition is delivered by Mrs Teoh. She will have limited spaces for this, ideally pupils will have their own violin, although there are a limited number available to borrow from the music service. The cost will be £6.75 for a paired lesson and £13.50 for individual lessons.

Steel Pans

Steel Pan tuition is delivered by Holly Connon. This takes place after school on Thursdays from 3-30 until 4-30 and 15 places are available in the Steel Pan band. The cost is £30 per term.

Additional information

Tuition will take place during the school day (except Steel Pans) and pupils may well need to be withdrawn from normal lessons to facilitate this. In some cases, lessons will run during a lunch time. Teachers will organise a timetable of lessons once returns have been made. All tuition is open to any pupil including those who are absolute beginners.

In most cases and for most of the instruments above it will be possible for pupils to become involved in performances and trips out of school and to take music exams for the relevant instrument.

All of our peripatetic music teachers are subject to stringent safeguarding checks in accordance with North Tyneside regulations.

If you would like your child to receive music tuition, please see Miss Whittle for a letter.

ICT News

From next week, we would like students to keep a pair of headphones in their pencil case as part of their daily equipment. Headphones are required in a number lessons that use our ICT equipment and it would be really helpful if children had a pair of their own. Headphones can be purchased inexpensively from poundshops, or we can supply headphones from the ICT office for £1.

Responsible Use Policy

All Children will be bringing home an Acceptable Use Policy next week, it would be preferable if these could be completed online. You can complete the form at this link, this link can also be found on our school website.


Congratulations to Beri W in Year 8, who went to the National UK Riders show jumping finals at Grantham and was placed in both her 80 and 90cm courses. This was a huge achievement for both Beri and Neo. Well done Beri!
Congratulations to Will S in Year 5. He has been selected to represent Benfield Gymnastics Academy at the end of September in London, to compete in a national competition. We wish him the best of luck!
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