Krip-toe-spoe-RID-e-uh... in ten 30 days you could die...

Introduction and facts

Cryptosporidium also known as, crypto is a disease where you have massive amounts of waste. There is a crypto parasite that starts it all, that parasite lives in water. When you digest the crypto parasite it lives in your small intestine and lay eggs and then when the eggs hatch the babies come out and the eggs go into your bladder therefore cause an infection. There were 324 cases of crypto last year. In 1990 there were 100,000 people who have died from crypto, also in 2010 there were 220,000 people that died.

Causes ETC.

Here are some examples of how you can get Crypto:

  • Drinking infected water.
  • Swimming in infected water.
  • eating uncooked food, or infected food.
  • Putting your hand into your mouth.
  • having close contact with an infected animal or human.

The crypto parasite looks like basically like a rock with tentacles.


These things will happen when you have crypto;

  • Stomach cramps or pain
  • Fever
  • Nashua
  • Vomiting
  • Water like diphtheria
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of apatite
  • Less fat (Weight loss)

What is happening that causes the symptoms above us is...

  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • inflammation of the bile duct
  • inflammable of gallbladder, liver or pancreas

Also if you were wondering what organs crypto effects, its the intestines and the bladder.

Ready for your appointment?

If you have crypto and you want to have an appointment, this is the place to be! First, you should write down the symptoms you have had. Second, write down your personal info. third, make a list of your med(s). Last but not least, make a list of questions to ask your doctor. Here are some things doctors are going to do to help you:

  • Acid staining test;what happens is they are able to see the crypto parasites, in extreme cases they will take some of your intestines tissue.
  • Another test they will do is called stool culture, it dose not do anything but getting rid of bacteria pathogens

They will also give you...

  • anti-parasitic drugs
  • anti-motility drugs
  • fluid replacement
  • antiretrovia therapies
Note: There is no known cure for Crypto.


How to prevent crypto

Make sure that you have good hygiene, and clean all of your fruits, have clean drinking water, and limit your swimming time. Also, it is important to was your hands:

  • After using the toilet
  • After cleaning up waist also known as fecal material
  • After tending somebody with diarrhea
  • And after cleaning up animal waist
There are some animals that you need to stay away from, you need to stay away from; all mammals expensively young ones, calves and lambs which are most likely to get crypto, birds fish and rabbits can also get crypto, house cats and dogs can very rarely get crypto. avoid eating raw food. after washing fruit peel it if you're planning to eat it.


How to tell if somebody has crypto;

  • if they have stomach cramps or pains.
  • if they have fever.
  • if they have Nashua
  • if they vomit a lot
  • dehydration
  • if they have water like diphtheria
  • If they have lack of appetite
  • Less fat (weight loss)

If somebody has crypto stay away from them. reduce the chance of babies getting crypto by always changing their diapers. help others by:

  • Help- others by not swimming if your child is has diherra that is a symptom of Cryptosporidium If you know you have Cryptosporidium you can not swim for about 2 weeks
  • Shower before entering the water
  • Clean children very firmly mostly their bootahy's
  • Let each kid have a bathroom break and change diapers a lot.
  • change diapers in the bathroom not the poolside

At camps

  • Use gloves when cleaning waste.
  • Use gloves when cleaning beds that people touched, poop and ect.
  • Only drink out of wells that are confirmed by the state law
  • Check water well daily
  • Before someone uses it test it
  • if camper has crypto then your going to have to put him into a air bubble
If you have a well at your camp then you must

  • Only drink out of wells that are confirmed by the state law.
  • check well daily
  • Test the well before somebody uses it.

Near Animals

You need to stay away from all mamals expecilly young ones. you also need to stay away from calves and lambs, are the most often to have crypto. Birds fish and rabbits, they can also get crypto. you also need to stay away from house cats and dogs and horses but they rarely get crypto.

Take precaution when near animals. You need to;

  • Stay away from animal poo and animals mostly babys.
  • when cleaning up animal poo you need to wear gloves and wash hands after.
  • wash hands after any contact with any animal or living areas.


When you eat food you must

  • Use safe uncontaminated food
  • after washing fruit Peel them if you're planning to eat them
  • avoid eating uncooked food
  • wash hands before and after handling food
  • And if you are going to eat foods you have to peel them first


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