Faxes to Facebook

Multi-generational communication

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A workshop for the whole family

Register by January 17th

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Faxes to Facebook

Interactive Workshop

Never before have so many generations worked together as they do today. How many of us would have predicted smart phones, texting, and the likes of Facebook 25 years ago? The rapid growth of technology and corresponding communication tools have had a major impact on the speed of doing business and on organizational cultures too. Despite having all of these technological communication tools in the business world, some people wonder if we are communicating less effectively than ever before.

This interactive workshop is designed to address the basics of effective communication, share information to help bridge the multigeneration gaps in today’s workplace, explore various communication channels and prepare you to create a communication strategy that is aligned with the values and culture of your family business.

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Workshop Facilitator

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Melissa McLean

Melissa has over 30 years experience working with people of all ages including business owners and managers, employees, and post secondary students. Melissa is an Instructor in the School of Business at Camosun College and a management consultant. She worked with Tourism Victoria and its business members for over 20 years in various operations management roles and later as the organization’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

One of Melissa’s areas of interest and study is the multigenerational workplace; she currently teaches a course titled Leading the Multigenerational Workplace for Camosun College’s Certificate in Leadership Development program. Melissa holds an MBA in Executive Leadership from Royal Roads University.

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Course Learning Objectives

1. Identify the basics of effective communication and clear (plain) language

2. Expand understanding of the multi-generational workforce, including how to work respectfully and more effectively with people from each generation

3. Understand the uses (and potential abuses) of various communication channels and tools in today’s workplace

4. Enhance alignment of your company’s communication approach with its values and culture.

Course Outline

This interactive eight-hour workshop will be delivered over two Friday afternoon sessions and requires a minimum of 10 registrants.

Session One

Module One: Basics of Effective Communication and Clear Language

  • Identify and explain the components of communication (including the words, non-verbal and tone)

  • Explore the role of each communication component using relevant examples

  • Describe and illustrate the differences between communication and effective communication (including clear language design)

Module Two: From Veterans to Generation Z: A Multigenerational Landscape

  • Identify, describe and discuss the five working generations interacting in the business world today, including the personal characteristics and work values of each generation

  • Identify the ‘generation gaps’ and apply effective communication techniques to bridge these gaps

  • Explore how to modify your management approach to work more successfully in a multigenerational landscape

  • Identify how to assist employees with working effectively in a multigenerational workplace

Session Two

Module Three: From Faxes to Facebook: It’s Not What You Say … It’s How You ‘Say’ It

  • Review various communication channels in today’s workplace, including the continuum of ‘cool to hot’ types of communication

  • Describe the impacts, pros and cons of each channel

  • Consider the best approaches for respectful communication with family members, staff and clients

Module Four: Walking the ‘Talk’: Communicating Your Family Business Way

  • Discuss the relevance of family business values, culture and communications

  • Discuss the elements of a workplace communication policy (E.g., internal and external communications, informal/formal dress code etc., social media usage etc.)

  • Leave with an action plan for creating a family business communication strategy

Friday, January 26 & February 2; 1-5pm

(beginning one week later than previously advertised)

@ Camosun College


Interurban Campus

Room 285 Centre for Business & Access Building

(#19 on printable map at the bottom of this flier )


Phone number to call if help needed: 250-532-0120

Members: $225 (plus GST); Non-members: $275 (plus GST)

Minimum attendance: 10

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