By: Corbin Schrack

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Geographic Information

Continent: Asia

Area: 17,125,200 square kilometers

Climate: Warm and hot summers and cold winters with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celius

Arable Land/Farmable Land %: Arable land is 11.9%

Capital City: Moscow

3 Largest Cities: Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Novosibirsk

Demographic Information

Population: 143.5 million (2013)

Population Density: 8.4 people per square kilometer

Growth Rate: The last was -3.80 and the previous was -4.10

% Urbanized: 11.5% is urbanized

Life Expectancy with World Rank: The World Rank is 119 and the total in Russia is 69.3.

AIDS Rate with World Rank: The World Rank is 41 and the total rate in Russia is 36.39.

Literacy Rate: 99.68%

Languages: Over 100 different languages

Ethnicity Pie Graph: Graph shown below

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Cultural Information

Customs and Traditions: They celebrate Easter, Christmas, Ivan Kupala, Maslenitsa, and they have wedding traditions that you don't normally see in the United States.

Food: Kasha, Kissel, and Knish are some of the foods that they eat in Russia.

Clothing: Sarafan dresses, Kosovorotka shirts, Kalashnikov, and Blouses

Recreation: They do things like hiking, hunting, fishing and they also play sports like Hockey, Football, and boxing.

Religion: Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Political Information

Type of Government: Republic is considered to be the style of government that Russia has.

Freedom House Political Rights Score: 6

Civil Rights Score: 6

Press Freedom (Free, Partially Free, Not Free):

Corruption Perception Index with World Rank:

Domestic/Regional Conflicts: