Ming Dynasty 1368-1644

by Andrew Brewton


The year is 1368 when a man named zhu yaunzang created one of the most powerful and innovative dynasties in china, the Ming dynasty. Imagine that you are a citizen under ming rule but the capital is being moved. Will this dynasty crumble or prosper from this decision?

It begins

This dynasty was started by someone named Hung-Wu but he changed his name to Zhu Yaunzang. Zhu wanted all the power from the government that he could get. Zhu could not control it by himself therefore he ruled along with some hand selected advisers. The government was also ruled like the song and tang dynasties.
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The Great Wall of China (above) ship (below)
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First of all the Ming rebuilt the Great Wall to be 25 feet high, 12 feet wide, and 2000 miles long. Next they built the forbidden city which was a few beautifully crafted buildings made for the emperor, his family, and court and commoners were not even aloud inside.

then there is their maritime expeditions. They were started by Zheng He and had 7 grand voyages with ships that were somewhere around 300 feet long before they were ended suddenly in 1433 because of opposition at court and Mongol defenses.

Moving capital/Fall

During the reign of the Ming the capital was moved from yanjing to Beijing which is still the capital city of china today. soon they were attacked at Beijing and overthrown surprisingly by Li zecheng in 1644 therefore marking the end of the Ming dynasty.
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Li zecheng


so as you can see the Ming dynasty was pretty strong and prosperous without them china's capital wouldn't even be Beijing and they would be still under mongol rule. So that pretty much summed up the Mings reign all the way from being started in 1368 to being overthrown in 1644 . and that is all i have to say about the Ming so see you next time.