Live Life to the Fullest

Yun Vargas Period 5 & 6

Analysis of the Development of Theme

At the starting of the book it talks about how Max would be in the basement all the time. And how he didn't really have friends. But when Freak comes Max finally has a friend. And he's not just in his house all the time, he is actually doing something. He's not so down, he's more up beat and happy.

The theme is shown a lot in the book. Like when Max told Loretta he was doing nothing those days. She said, "Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it." Also when Dr. Spivak said, "Everybody needs something to hope for." I feel like those are perfect examples.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I like the theme and how it shows like is too short to do nothing. The theme tells you a very good message of not being sad all the time. All throughout the book it tells you how Max is loving his life more. Instead of being locked in his room he's outside with Freak, on magical quest. So I think the author told the theme very nicely. Now a days everybody's just locked in there room watching Netflix or spending hours on the internet. It shows we need to go out more.


At the starting the story tells you about a boy named Max who supposedly has no brain. That is until his friend Freak lends him his brain. It explains to you how Max and Freak met, and that Freak has a disability. But you don't really know much about Max, just that he lives with his grandparents and has a learning disability. As the story goes on Max get kidnapped by his dad, and you find out everything his dad did. After they find Max, the cops promise him that his dad will be locked up in jail for good this time. Then after that it's Freaks birthday, and he starts to get sick they take him to the hospital. After a couple days he dies. Max is super sad, but after talking to Loretta he decide to live life again.