Top News Picks from Room 56!

November 10-18


This week we worked with a few folktale stories. Students know that a folktale has been handed down through the generations and teaches us a lesson. We focused on inferencing while reading and understanding something the author wants us to know even without specifically telling us the information. Ask your child what kind of person the character Juan was in the story and what lessons we can learn from him. Students worked with using commas and found many uses for them in written text.


We continue to work with multiplication and division. So far, we have focused on 0,1,2,3,4,5,9, and 10. Students continue to practice daily and are mastering their multiplication facts and punching out their multiplication licenses. Working on word problems and deciding whether to use multiplication or division has been the main focus this week. Everyone can access extra math practice by going online to, enter and put in your individual password. Keep multiplying daily to become a fact master!


We continue our work with ecosystems by creating an imaginary animal. Students are to us different attributes to design an animal and explain how each of it's characteristics helps it adapt to the environment it lives in.

Ask your child to log in to and show you their finished ecosystem projects. They turned out great and all of their hard work paid off.


American Education Week is celebrated next week. Gower West is inviting all parents to attend school from 8:30-10:30 Tuesday, November 18.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner with our holiday break beginning on Wednesday, November 26 returning Monday, December 1. (Where has the time gone?)

Third grade music program will be December18!