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Mushroom hunting a dying art

Traditional values and cultures are being lost in many developing countries, but Poland is not ready to give up the age old tradition of mushroom hunting. The elderly, families babes in arms all take part in this summer into autumn social gathering.
Mushrooms play an important role in Poland, not only are they a much needed food source but also once prepared they become a source of income for many Polish families. Infact the ancient art of finding, cleaning, drying or pickling wild forest mushrooms is very much alive in eastern Europe. read more...

Mushroom gathering still a family event in Poland

Free Polish Mushrooms are hand picked, by local families, and friends in the pristine and unspoilt forests of Podlaskie county. Lovingly referred to as the "Green lungs of Poland on account of it's outstanding natural beauty and preservation order, somewhat similar to national parks in the states.

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This natural wilderness home to wild Bison, Deer, Lynx, Storks and Boar is also a rich bounty of flora and fauna. Natural pine tree forests dominate the region and create a micro-climate that is rich in moss, algae and ferns, all creating a rich canopy for magical crops of highly sort after mushrooms.

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This God's given harvest lasts for only a few weeks each year, and it is not unusual to witness, early morning, when heavens dew is fresh on the ground, groups of people, neighbours and families heading into the forests. Wrapped up in long sleeved coats and hats to ward of bugs, loaded with empty baskets and buckets to gather this blessed harvest.
Podlaskie Mushrooms select the best of these wild mushrooms to slow dry, in order to allow our customers to have delicious wild mushrooms available the whole year round.
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Try dried Polish mushrooms for yourself.

The community spirit is still very much alive in Poland and as such our mushroom picking families would like you to try these rare delicacy choice Wild Forest Mushrooms for FREE