Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere

By Richard Paul Evans

Made By Afek Adar

Page Numbers: 308


The story takes place in Peru.

Michael Vey, Taylor, Ostin and the Electroclan have destroyed the Peruvian starxource power plant, but the Elgen and the Peruvian army have teamed up to hunt them down. Michael escaped, but his friends are on trial for terrorism. Hatch is trying to take over the Ampere Ship. There are 6 more ships that are named after famous people that discovered electricity. Michael has to use his brain and powers to save his friends. Once Michael gets his friends back they will work together to stop him. Will they succeed?

Point of View

The story was told in Michael Vey's point of view


The theme of the story is perseverance because in the book Michael wouldn't give up on destroying the Ampere. Even when they faced the Ampere's whole army and the whole Peruvian army they wouldn't stop,so Michael and his friends kept on fighting and showed perseverance
Perseverance is related to me because it is an important character trait for life. In the book it showed how Michael's perseverance helped him get his friends back. Perseverance is important because you need it to do anything for example when you want to get to a goal it is not always easy; there are always obstacles in the way and to pass those obstacles is to persevere.It is important at school to try my best, it is important when I have a basketball game and it is important as i go trough life. Perseverance is a character trait everyone should have.

"If we don't stop them no one will"

Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere (Official Trailer)