IFN Community Chronicle

Consolidated Edition - January 2021

In this edition of the IFN Chronicle:

President's Message

Organizational & Masjid Updates

  • General Body Meeting (GBM)
  • Main Musallah Renovation
  • COVID-19 Task Force Update
  • IFN Salah Timings and Covid-19 Guidelines
  • Membership Drive 2021
  • IFN Calendars 2021
Community Activities
  • IFN COVID-19 Testing
  • Hyderabad India Floods Relief Campaign

IFN Youth Corner

  • Community Service by Muslim Youth
  • Journey of SSU to YMS

IFN Programs

  • Weekly Schedule
  • An introduction to the sciences of the Qur’an (Imam Azfar)
  • Riyad Al Saliheen (Dr. Ahmed Soliman)
  • Quran Tafseer Sessions (Shaykh Farid)
  • IFN Sirah Class (Imam Azfar)
  • Tafseer Sessions (Dr. Waleed Khayr)
  • IFN Toastmasters Club

Upcoming Events Update


President's Message

Assalam-o-alikum - Dear Community Members

Praying that this letter finds you in the best state of Iman and health.

Unfortunately, amid this unprecedented pandemic crisis our commitment to stay connected and engaged with the entire community continues to be a huge challenge. Alhamdolillah - thanks to the tireless efforts of the EC members and dedicated volunteers, we still managed to accomplish the following:

  • Virtual daily/weekly educational and religious programs - including Quran Academy, Sunday School, HSYC, and Mohsin program
  • Online Quran Academy graduation ceremony
  • Successful online summer and Maktab programs
  • Virtual youth activities and programs
  • Free flu shots event for the community
  • Reopening of our masjid and resuming 5 x times daily Salah and Juma prayers
  • With your generous donations we managed to ship blankets for Syrian Refugees
  • Helped raise the funds for the Capital Expansion Project
  • Presented EC achievements to the community at the GBM
  • Addition of 2 x emergency doors in front of the main musallah area
  • Free food boxes distribution
  • Free Covid-19 drive through testing for the entire community

As safety and health remains our top priority, IFN Covid-19 Task Force continues to monitor the situation and extend updates/guidelines to the community in a timely manner.

May Allah SWT accept all our good deeds, our keep entire community and humanity at large safe from this devastating illness of coronavirus. May Allah SWT make it easy for all those who been affected by this pandemic - Aameen!

Please stay safe and jazak-Allah khair for continued efforts and contribution.

Jaseem Anwer

President, IFN




General Body Meeting (GBM)

Latest IFN General Body Meeting was successfully organized on December 6th, 2020, as part of continued efforts by the EC and BOT to keep the community informed and also provide opportunity for open dialogue.

Agendas and meeting minutes from this General Body Meeting have been published on the IFN website for general community access at the following location:


Main Musallah Renovations

As per recommendations of the law enforcement agencies, IFN initiated construction of the emergency exit doors in the Main Men's Musallah Area. The project is in progress and nearing completion, while IFN continues to host all regular Salahs and Jummah Prayers.

Covid-19 Task Force Update

IFN Covid-19 Task Force reviewed following items:

  • What is the status of Covid-19 infections in the Lake County of IL?
  • How many people have been tested Covid-19 positive in our community?
  • Are we ready to reopen the masjid safely?

Considering declining Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in Lake County, it was decided that IFN masjid can be reopened following strict implementation of local, state and CDC guidelines with limited numbers of people. Hence the IFN Covid-19 Task Force took following decisions:

  • Masjid re-opened with the resumption of Jumah prayer as of Dec 4
  • All daily 5 prayers resumed as of Dec 5

Safety and well-being of the community is top priority of IFN Covid-19 Task Force. As Covid risk is at a historic high, it is a humble reminder that we all strictly abide by following CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in our community.

  1. If you feel sick, please stay at home
  2. Come to the Salah with wudu
  3. Wear a face mask at all times while on IFN Premises
  4. Bring your own prayer rug
  5. Maintain social distancing of 6 Feet or more at all times
  6. Pray Sunnah Salah at home
  7. No socializing in the Masjid Lobby, Musallah, stairways or parking lot

Task Force also requests community members to volunteer for smooth and safe operations of salah. Task Force will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated in a timely manner.

Dr. Walid Khayr – Chair

Dr. Saquib Ahmad

Dr. Wasim Kagzi

Dr. Amin Nadeem

Dr. Haris Jamil

Dr. Murtaza Hussain

Dr. Jaseem Anwer

Dr. Saif Sheikh

Dr. Ahmed Nadir

Imam Azfar Uddin

Sr. Nancy Romanchek

Br. Aamir Ahmed

IFN Covid-19 Task Force

IFN Salah Timings and Covid-19 Guidelines

  • As per guidance from the Covid-19 Task Force, IFN Musallies can resume offering Sunnah Prayers for all 5 x times Salahs and Jummah
  • Every Saturday & Sunday Zuhr Salah timings will be 1:15 PM starting from Saturday January 2nd, 2021
  • Weekdays Zuhr Jamaat timing will be 12:20 PM
  • Asr Salah timing updated to 3:30 PM starting from Friday January 1st, 2021

Please stay safe, stay healthy & stay connected - as always jazak-Allah khair for your support and cooperation

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Membership Drive 2021

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IFN Calendars 2021

  • New 2021 IFN Calendars have arrived
  • You are eligible for a free calendar if you renew your 2021 IFN Membership
  • New memberships also eligible for the free calendar
  • Please stop by between Noon - 4:30 PM (Monday - Friday) to pickup a copy
  • Additional copies of the calendar can be purchased for $5
  • Interested to advertise in the calendar - Please contact Br. Vaseem Khan, Br. Ejaz Hasan, Br. Aamir Ahmed or any EC member

As always, jazak-Allah khair for your support




IFN COVID-19 Testing

Successful Free Covid-19 Drive-Through Testing conducted on December 13th & 26th, 2020
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Hyderabad India Floods Relief Campaign

Helping Hand USA has launched its Hyderabad India Floods Relief Campaign to help victims, with the assistance of our local vetted NGOs, with food-&-water, hygiene kits, medical assistance, and more. Donations can be made at: https://new.hhrd.org/Campaigns/Hyderabad-Floods

IFN will be partnering with Helping Hands USA to support this urgent relief effort. A special link has been created on the IFN website for the "Hyderabad Relief Fund" https://ifnonline.com/donate. You can also navigate to donate by clicking the donate icon in the Smart Jamaat App.




Community Service by Muslim Youth

This past month YM has had a variety of activities, gaming tournaments, and halaqas - but one key initiative undertaken by YM was shoveling snow for the community.

Alhamdulillah our IFN youth were able to help the elderly within the community and shoveled a total of 10 driveways, with the help of volunteers, which further strengthened brotherhood by working together as a team.

YM ask that you keep them in your duas and extend support in future activities and events.

Journey of SSU to YMS

Assalamalaikum Dear IFN Community,

As you all may know, Sisters Stepping Up (SSU) is an organization run by girls, for girls. In order for all of us to become closer to our deen, while forming bonds with other youth girls, we serve the community through weekly meetings, volunteer work, events, halaqas, etc. Fortunately, our group has been given the opportunity to grow and be a part of something bigger - Young Muslim Sisters (YMS).

As of January 2021, we will be titled Young Muslim Sisters - Lake County, which will now be in collaboration with Young Muslims Brothers IFN. As for the SSU girls who attend our weekly meetings, they will still be taking place as they always have since 2015. We will continue to host weekly meetings, events, volunteer opportunities, and more inshaa-Allah!

Since YM is under the umbrella of ICNA, we will be gaining financial support, Islamic guidance, and networking to higher organizations (CAIR, CIOGC, SEEMA, ICNA, etc). This transition is what the leaders of SSU think is best for the youth girls of our community - may Allah help us in this endeavor.

Have any further questions answered by attending our meetings on Friday at 6:30pm where we announce everything you need to know as a member of YMS.

jazak-Allah khair for your time and May Allah (SWT) accept all of our efforts - Aameen!


Young Muslims Sisters - Lake County


IFN Programs


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An introduction to the sciences of the Qur’an series by Imam Azfar

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Riyad Al Saliheen with Dr. Ahmed Soliman in Arabic & English

Riyaḍ al-Ṣaliḥeen, رياض الصالحين , The Gardens of the Righteous is a collection of aḥadith by Imam Nawawi. It deals with every aspect of Islamic belief and conduct and covers a wide range of topics such as etiquette, manners, morals, supplications, beliefs, worship, human interactions. Good resource for students, scholars, general readers etc.


Although Sheikh Farid Fahmy is far away, he keeps connected with our masjid via virtual Quran tafseer sessions.He has contributed tremendously and been a pure blessing to the IFN community. He is beacon of Islamic Knowledge, and has been spreading Islamic values and promoting love towards Allah SWT and His Prophet Mohammed PBUH through his powerful halaqas and lectures on different occasions.

Virtual Sirah Class with Imam Azfar every Thursday

Knowledge of the Sirah is a necessity for every Muslim young and old and sharing it with everyone is a responsibility. Our very own Imam Azfar Uddin is the instructor for the weekly Sirah Course on Thursday’s. Please join this weekly Sirah Course of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Makki Period. Everyone is encouraged to listen and engage virtually and hope that this will not only increase people’s understanding of the Sirah but also serve as a resource for community leaders, khateebs, teachers, and parents to teach and share lessons from the life of the Prophet (pbuh) of Allah SWT with their families and communities.

Dr. Walid Khayr Virtual Tafseer Sessions written by Br. Shakeel Syed

Dr. Walid Khayr has been committed to teaching life lessons and wisdom from the Quran for the past 20 years to the IFN Community. He is a Hafiz-al-Quran and a Scholar He strongly believes in empowering the community and individuals to use the Quran as a guide, a relevant reference book, a letter to YOU from Allah - so that YOU can uncover the hidden treasures in each of the blessed verses of the Quran.

Recordings of past Khutbas and Tafseer Sessions by Dr. Walid Khayr can be viewed using the link below.


IFN Toastmasters Club

All IFN Toastmasters virtual meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.Come join our club so you can build your communication, public speaking and leadership skills. Please participate or bring a guest and benefit from this program to become a better speaker, to develop your leadership skills, communicate with confidence and listen effectively. Come and join IFN Toastmasters club where you can learn these skills in a supportive, self-paced, fun atmosphere.If you are interested to join please feel free to reach out to our IFN toastmasters club president Khaudeja Bano at khaudeja@gmail.com


Upcoming Events-Mark Your Calendars !!!


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Editor's Note

The consolidated edition of the IFN community chronicle was compiled by Farid Anwar Qureshi. If you would like to share any community achievements or celebrations, please email to ifn.chronicle@ifnonline.com

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