The six Stages of Governments

by Tobin Miller

1. Primitive Communism

Karl Marx put together a timeline of stages of the government. The first stage was Primitive Communism. This stage was broken up into two different classes. The hunters, and the gatherers. Usually, the oldest or best hunter was the "leader". Private property, agriculture, and domestication of animals are what caused the fall of Primitive Communism.

2. Slave Society

This stage was also broken up into two classes, the master and slave. The way this society was set up was that you had to keep conquering other empires to get more slaves. This was because only the person that you captured was a slave, not their children. This, and large empires are what caused the fall of this stage.

3. Feudalism

This stage needed loyalty to keep it going. It had many classes with one leader or king who made all of the decisions. Once you were born to a certain class, it was very hard to move up or down. What eventually caused the fall of this stage was the increase of goods. This caused a new class called merchants, who did not fit in.

4. Capitalism

Capitalism is completely based on profit for the employer, not the employee. Employee's only get paid for a portion of their work. Capitalism equals poverty. This has not yet happened, but Karl Marx believed that the working class would rise up and take control.

5. Socialism

Socialism is a theory that Karl Marx came up with, and has not happened yet. It is where everything is common property, and production is run by the workers. This will be the first step of communism, and if it works all leftover scraps of capitalism will be discarded.

6. Communism

This stage is also a Karl Marx theory, and has not yet happened. It is where there is no poverty, government, laws, or nations. Everything is assigned and everyone has a job and everything that they could possibly need. In theory, this is the perfect society.