Ms. Zunguze's

Fifth-Grade News

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  • Monday, May 30: Memorial Day Holiday--No school!

  • Wednesday, June 1: 5th-Grade Science EOG

  • Thursday, June 2: Tour of the new Asheville Middle School campus--Any parents/guardians who are interested in meeting us there for the tour are invited! Stay tuned for more details to come.--Please look for the permission slip coming home soon!

  • Friday, June 3: Field Day--Please look for the permission slip that has gone home.

  • Friday, June 3: Due Date for Applications for Cougar Step Up! 6th-Grade Transition Camp--Please take advantage of this opportunity for your upcoming Asheville Middle School student to attend a day camp for two days in which they will meet teachers, receive an orientation to the new campus and their daily school schedule, participate in team-building activities with their peers, and get organized to prepare for the first days of middle school. Transportation and meals are provided, and the program is designed to improve the transition experience for upcoming sixth graders. I highly recommend registering your AMS student for this program!

  • Monday, June 6: Claxton Variety Show

  • Wednesday, June 8: Last Day of School/5th-Grade Graduation--details to come

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Thank you to all families for getting students to school on-time for all EOGs this last week! I found myself moved to tears to see our children working so diligently and with so much stamina over more than six hours of testing this week. I am so very proud of their hard work each and every day and found their perseverance to be absolutely amazing through longer testing periods than I have ever seen in my entire career. After next Wednesday's science EOG, our fifth graders will have handled the same amount of hours that law students face in taking the North Carolina Bar Exam! This group of students is remarkable to me!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Accles and Mr. Bob Dixon for accompanying us on our last Muddy Sneakers expedition this week. The students had a blast exploring an aquatic ecosystem right in our back yards at the stream in Weaver Park! Without all of the caring adults who showed up for these trips, we would never have been able to complete our six science expeditions!

Finally, thank you to Abby's mother, Ms. Gregg, and Gantt's family, the McIvers, who provided all of our students with a nutritious breakfast snack of bagels before each of our EOGs this week in addition to Erin's family, the Chens, who offered mints to help with energizing and focusing attention. We all appreciate your many contributions!

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