Advantages of Saving & Investing

Katie Lowe

The Difference

Savings is the portion of current income not spent on consumption. Savings are liquid assets. Savings are used for big purchases or emergencies. Investing is the purchase of assets with the goal of increasing future income. You should create a savings account to help you in the future. If you were having an emergency or looking to buy a big purchase you have you have some money already saved up so you don't have to worry about it. You may also save to purchase expensive items without having to use credit.
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At Huntington, for savings and CDs, you get FDIC insurance and no monthly maintenance fee with average daily balance of $300 or when linked to a qualifying Huntington checking account. if your thinking about credit cards, Huntington has two plans; 3x Rewards where you earn a point per dollar purchases with voice and pick a triple rewards category. Or you could go with lower rates. You get 3% lower purchase APR instead of rewards.