Come To Kepler-186f For The Best Life....

Qualities Of Living In Kepler-186f

Kepler-186f is in fact, just like Earth. Scientist say that Kepler-186f is just like a cousin to Earth and 20% larger in width and length than Earth. This planet has clean oxygen and another chemical in the air but, the air will not kill humans. The planet Kepler-186f orbits a star, slightly smaller than ours in 130 days, different from Earth which is 365 days. The planet Kepler-186f is a great choice to make it our new home, it will take us 490 years to get there but with a large enough spaceship, we can get there group by group.

How Can We Survive At Kepler-186f?

In our planet, Scientist Ju, have created a habitable habitat in Kepler-186f. In the planet, there are wind turbines and solar panels to create energy for lights and electricity. The planet also have a machine, in which cleans air from pollution by humans. They also have a water cleaning system which makes waste or dirty water to be cleaned and processed to clean water. For food, there are catfish breeders for meat, you will get great proteins from fish, there are fish such as, catfish and salmon. If you're a vegetarian there are planted beans and potatoes, but you can also bring you're own plants for food. The soil is Earth-like and you could bring some Earth-Worms to bring their magical soil to Kepler-186f. The place is great for agriculture. Everything in the shelter or house is run by solar power and wind power, a shelter have a bedroom, with many beds as possible, a lab for scientist, exercise room, a pool, bathroom and kitchen. Examples, like the stove and heater is powered by solar energy while the wind power, powers air conditioners. Best of all, there is a car provided, that doesn't need any oil because the car is run by solar energy. There is also a satellite to keep connections with Earth and the satellite also generate Wi-Fi for the people who can not live correctly with Wi-Fi. The planet Kepler-186f also has tree's which hasn't been identified yet and is a bit rocky, but it is a GREAT place for humans to live in.

Do We Really Want To Choose Kepler-186f As Our New Planet?

Scientifically, yes. The planet Kepler-186f is a planet in which human life will survive. Due to similarities between Earth and Kepler-186f, the planet is very livable and mostly, survivable. As years past, reproducing of humans speed up and more and more people will be here, at Earth. In year 2050, it is expected to be at least over 9 billion people. This Earth will be crowed and since Earth is 2/3 ocean water and about 1/3 land, we need more land. In, the planet Kepler-186f, there is 2/3 of land and 1/3 ocean water. Humans will have 1/3 more land to live in, if you want to live in Kepler-186f.

Real Life, Should You Live In Kepler-186f?

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