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#572, May 7, 2016

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Hot Rod Library

Libraries in Popular Culture

I'm not sure what to make of this caption in the NY Times...

"One of the displays of taxidermy throughout the bar that give it the feel of an eccentric's library."

I don't recall any courses on taxidermy when I was in library school. Maybe it was an elective I didn't notice.

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Blind Date with a Book

The blind date with a book trend is spreading from libraries to bookshops. Bluestockings in New York offers the service and just the other day I was in The Printed Garden in Sandy, Utah where they had a strong pool of book dates to choose from. My pick, pictured above, is still under wraps waiting for a reading emergency.

Cigarettes and Hard Liquor vs Green Juice and Quinoa

The Chronicle looks at intellectuals and wellness.

In my library I don't see liquor and very little green juice. I'm not sure what that says about us.

First Story to Predict Siri?

On my list of things to read this week (a list I confess I never complete) is the story A Logic Named Joe by Murruy Leinster. It is rumored that this is the first story to predict a future with Siri and now Viv.

Story link

Beyond Siri with Viv

More on the story

Print Isn't Dead: Oh Wait, Yes it is

New Day, a print only newspaper that planned to lure back "lapsed" print readers gave up after ten weeks.

I've met librarians who tell me students want to check out books, they just don't know about them, so we need to promote our books. Hmm, I think they know, they just like to read things online.

Print May be Dead but the Net is Bad

With lines like "We have taught our children that the net is a swamp of lies spun by idiots and true believers..." and with ideas such as books can only be so big so we've divided up knowledge into topics, the LA Review of Books keeps you engaged as they look at The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data by Michael P. Lynch.

Debating with Einstein

Imagine debating time with Einstein. In 1922 Henri Bergson and Albert Einstein met to do just that.

(Spoiler alert, it looks like Einstein won.)

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