16 is way too young!

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Why is 16 too young?

This topic is talked about everyday around the U.S.A. The age for a teen for a teen to get their licence is 16 and 6 months, that's with taking drivers ed. This isn't a good time for a teen to get their license yet because they are still maturing. 16 year olds would be showing off for their friends and drive crazy while a grown adult would at least drive more maturely. Driving is the #1 thing that kills teens.


Drivers ages 16 and 17 are nearly 9x more likely have an accident than middle age drivers.

61% of teens admit to risky driving habits.

Teens are more likely to underestimate or not recognize dangerous driving conditions.

In 1 year, 4,000 teens die from car accidents and 450,000 teens are injured.

16-year-old male dies in car crash near 175th and Switzer