The Magician's Nephew

by C.S. Lewis

Project by Alex Riley

Number of pages: 202

Slip on a ring and travel to many different worlds.


Digory and Polly stumble in to uncle Andrew's study, and become the victims of his experiment. They are tricked into putting on rings that take them to other worlds, but it turns out the world they are in is only a hub for endless worlds. They find a old and dieing world. They leave the world but take Jadis the witch back to London. She causes havoc in London, so they manage to take her to a brand new world. Narnia They take a man with them by mistake. (who later becomes king of Narnia) Digory is punished by Aslan. (the creator of Narnia) Digory and Polly go on a quest to save Narnia from the evil witch. They succeed. They leave Narnia and never return.

The point of view is third person

It is third person because there is someone narrating the story.
Friendship story ship the theme of the story, because Digory and Polly have to learn to become friends to defeat the evil witch. This relates to me because my friends always help me accomplish something. Just like Digory and Polly.