Ms. Clayborn's Weekly Newsletter

September 14, 2015

Quote and Word of the Week


“Go put your creed into a deed.”

–Ralph Emerson


Commitment - The keeping of a promise or pledge.

Important Dates

Monday, Sept. 14th - Picture Day

Thursday, Sept. 17th - Watch DOGS 7:00

Thursday, Sept. 24th - Elm Fork Field Trip

Friday, Oct. 9th - Student Holiday/Staff Development

Monday, Oct. 12th - Holiday

Friday, Oct. 23rd - Student Early Release; 12:30

What We Are Learning


The learner will: solve one-step and multi-step addition problems within 1,000 using strategies based on properties of addition (Commutative, Associative, & Identity); break apart numbers into place values of tens and ones as a strategy for simplifying an addition problem and finding the solution mentally; calculate differences within 1,000 using mental math: compensation and equal additions; estimate to find solutions to addition problems; implement two methods for estimating solutions to subtraction problems; solve one-step and multi -step problems using strategies based on the relationship between addition and subtraction (inverse operations); Wednesday, Sept. 16th addition/subtraction fact quiz


The student is expected to plan and implement descriptive investigations, including asking and answering questions, making inferences and selecting and using equipment or technology needed, to solve a specific problem in the natural world.

A Few Things...

Snacks - The snacks shall be healthy, non-staining/juicy.

EFF (expandable file folders) - EFFs should accompany the student at all times. Please make sure it's returned to school daily.

Think Through Math (TTM) and Fast Math (FM) - Both sites are now available. Your son/daughter shall complete lessons weekly.

Math Log - Document math practices weekly. It's due Friday, Oct. 23rd. Students may maintain their log in their EFF. I will check student's progress periodically.

Important Links

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