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Owner and Funeral Director: Taylor Hutchins

Thank you for choosing us, to help you in your time of need.

Welcome and thank you for choosing Eternal Rest Home to take care of you and your loved ones in your time of need. Here at Eternal Rest Home we take pride in making things just a little bit easier for you and your family.

Funeral Director responsibilities:

Our funeral directors take pride in taking care of all the major and minor details of your services, to make it less stress full on you. Here are some of the following responsibilities we offer:

- Arranging the removal of the body

- Arranging funeral plans

- Securing necessary permits and death certificate

- Care and custody of body

- Coordinating all detail with the Clergy

- Arranging music that family selected

- Placing obituary and funeral notice in Newspaper

- Assisting in arrangements cemetery plot, grave opening/ closing, flower arrangement, and monument

- Arranging transportation for you and members of the family before, during, and after the funeral.

- Supervision of funeral or memorial service

We will also make any necessary arrangements for example transportation, funeral service, and burial if the body is requested to a distant location.

Arranging the funeral

Some questions the funeral director may ask, when arranging the funeral are:

1. What the deceased will be wearing?

2. Open or Closed Casket?

3. Type of Casket?

- Come in and check out our variety of caskets form wood to steel and pick out the style that fits best for your loved one.

4. Do you wish for the body to be placed in a mausoleum or in the ground?

5. If buried, do you already have a plot?

6. Specifications of who to be buried next to? Buried next to a wife, child, or other family

7. Will the coffin be sealed in a vault?

8. What type of rituals are preferred? Based on religion, we will preform the ceremony that best suits you and the rituals that are desired. Your funeral director will take care of those arrangements.

9. Have you picked out ones favorite religious book to be read from?

10. Is there any other type of poem, reading, or text to be read?

11. Have you picked out the music you wish to be played? This can include instruments or songs.

11. Do you wish for the funeral to be held in the morning or afternoon?

12. Have you picked out who will be giving a eulogy?

What to wear?

Do you have an outfit picked out for the service? If not, we know that finding that perfect outfit can be difficult but here are some tips to make it a bit easier:

- Funerals are not as formal as they once were, so formal wear is not a necessity.

- Don't forget underwear, which include socks or slippers

- Bring: special shade of lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish,and cologne or perfume

- If deceased is wearing any jewelry that you wish to have back, please let the director know so they can retrieve the valuables before burial.

Farewell Services

Here at Eternal Rest Home, we offer a variety of services, in hope of catering to everyone's needs, wishes, and rituals.

Services we offer are:

- Disposition service: Burial. Entombment, cremation, or Anatomical Donation

- Farewell Services includes:

- 27 hours of healing support during the acute loss of loved one

- Public gathering

- community farewell with casket

- Christian farewell Services include:

- 27 hours of healing support during acute loss of loved one

- Faith based gathering

- Community farewell with casket (held entirely in church)

- Simple farewell:

- 27 hours of healing support

- Family farewell: a private gathering that offers everyone in family a quiet moment of reflection and an opportunity to say goodbye

- Followed by a public gathering and community farewell ( casket and chemical prep, optional)

- Natural farewell:

- 13 hours of healing and family farewell

- Family farewell- a private gathering offers everyone in family a quiet moment of reflection and an opportunity to say goodbyes.

- Casket and chemical preparation are optional

What to do with the remains of a loved one:

Our most common services offered are as follows:

- Traditional funeral services

- Immediate burial

- Direct cremation

- Body donation

- Memorial service

- graveside service - Private service

If you desire a service not listed above, lets talk about it and see what we can do to best fit your needs.

Eternal Rest Home

Here at Eternal Rest Home, we personally wish to make your care here as easy as possible. If there are any questions that were not addressed in the news article, please feel to give us a call and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for considering Eternal Rest Home and Have a good day!


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