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September Tech Notes...


  • I received an email from Mrs.Richert that we haven't completed our Internet Safety Training. PLEASE do this with your students ASAP, this week. Not to put pressure on, but SWest has already had several complete theirs...push ahead. :)
  • Join us tomorrow at 3:30 ish in Mrs.Gaunt and Mrs.Hime's room to get connected on Twitter.
  • Remember to go to my You Can Book Me schedule so I can help in any way your need me. Also, remember our Nance Innovation Station is ready as well. I would love to meet you down there and be an extra set of hands. We are working on a schedule fo everyone to sign up for at least one time during the week.


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Who needs a Green Screen when Nance has a GREEN ROOM! #Nancerocks

Here is a google doc with some ideas of how to use the Green Screen in our Green Room!

I would love to help you and your class with a project. Check out Mrs.Stratton's first project tomorrow on Twitter!!

Using the Green Screen App by Do Ink

Mrs.Gaunt's You Can Book Me

Click the link above to schedule me to come to your classroom, come to help during your planning, or help after school.