The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revre

Project made by: Mara Shepard

The midnight ride of Paul Revere

The name of this event was the Midnight ride of Paul Revere. He went around saying the red backs are coming. It happen on April 18, 1775.It happened at Charles river to Charlestown and then Lexington. This was important to tell people were they were coming from. Did you know they had 2 lanterns and that ment they came by sea.He was part of the Boston tea party.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was born in 1734 he lived in Boston. He ride around on a horse and said the red backs are coming. He was one of the two main riders. He warned they were coming by sea. He was part of the Sons of Liberty. He didn't

say the British are coming that was a myth. He helped by warning were they are coming by sea. two other riders were William Dawns and Samuel Prescott.He died in 1888.