LVS Bullying Prevention Week

Teacher Information Sheet

Bullying Prevention Week is almost here! January 21st to January 24th!

Teachers please encourage your students to take part in LVS Bullying Week by participating in the dress up days, taking up the action of the day, and doing a random act of kindness!

Bullying Prevention Week, Kick-off Day

Friday, Jan. 17th, 8am

Lakeland Village School

Friday, January 17th - Kick-off to Bullying Week- Please post dress up day reminders and put ribbons on outside of doors!

Teacher's Daily Information

Tuesday 1/21/14 - Give websites to students for more information and encourage students to be thinking about a random act of kindness

Wednesday 1/22/14- Please have your students recite the pledge and sign your pledge sheet. Elementary classes can be done at any time, middle school classes should do this in 6th period. Remind your students to be thinking about their random act of kindness.

Return pledge sheets to the pledge box in the teacher's lounge.

Thursday 1/23/14 Encourage your students to sit with someone new at lunch today! Remind and encourage them to prepare for their random act of kindness.

Friday 1/24/14- Final wrap up today with wearing purple and remind students to carry out their random act of kindness to someone today.