When in London...

By: Emily Hoffart

Wanting to get away?

Come to London, United Kingdom and explore the sights from the London Eye, look around the city in the Red Double Decker Buses, and learn the history about ancient Kings and Queens in the Tower of London. Everyone is coming, are you?

The London Eye

The London Eye is a Giant Ferris Wheel sitting on the south banks of River Thames in London. The London Eye is the most popular paid attraction in the UK. It has 32 capsules and carries around 10,000 people everyday, significantly the London Eye is completely safe!
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Red Double Decker Buses

If you want to be cool like all the other London Tourist take a ride on the famous red double decker buses. It is a cheap, easy, fun way to see the city. There are stops along the way where you can hop off the big red bus at your convinence. Tour guides will explain all the sights and help you along the way. Just think about it you need a break!
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HM Tower of London

Don't worry! Despite The Tower of London's reputation of a place of tourture and death, in these walls you will discover the history of a royal palace, an armourym and a powerful fortress. Also you can learn about the amazing animals that live in the Tower, making it the first London Zoo.
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