Renewable Resources

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is the joining of smaller atoms to form a larger atom.Energy from the sun such as the solar panels on cars,boats and houses and many more! Solar energy also is the conservation of sunlight into electricity.
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Renewable resources are resources are items that you can use over again,such as wind and is not always reliable.Renewable resources are also sources of energy that can beer used or that will continue regardless of you using them:power from the sun and hydro electric.


Some advantadges are,you do not have to pay for sunlight and if you find a really really really big place where no one lives and you can build alot of solar pannals.


Cant always be producted in the dark and has a low effecency under both high and low tempature and the tilt and direction of solar pannals.Needs to be optimized and high upfront cost and long return on investment.